Markus Butkereit
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Two shoots


Two shoots

Material/ the cannon, 2 x 4,5l bullet, 9,0l blue fluid, bicycle
Measures/ 8 x 4 meter
2011/ Aix en Provence/ France

Video/ HD/ 2:19 min
1st Camera/ Jérome Fino
2nd Camera/ Brad Downey
3rd Camera/ Matthias Hübner
Editing/ Jérome Fino

I was invited to Aix en Provence in order to present the color cannon. Ahead there was no collusion with the responsible people in which the cannon should be presented. We arrived at 8 clock on the campus in Aix en Provence at the art college. The students of the university opened the gate and I immediately began to mount the cannon and looked for a nice spot for a blue double shot. I spoke to the students and they agreed to the place which i choose. After 20 minutes they realized it and tried to dissuade me from the idea. They sad that I'll get in trouble with the director of the art college. We brought five cameras on position and I shelled the university with two blue cartridges. After the action we edited quick the video moving the cannon in the showroom and went further to marseille. Two hours later we received a call from the director of the art college. He said he is deeply impressed by the work and would like to meet for a coffee and talk with me about my work.