Markus Butkereit
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Break down the wall

Break down the wall

Material/ bricks, concrete, a street
Measures/ 180 x 100 cm
2010/ Berlin/ Germany

Audio/ 6:48 min
Recording/ Dtagno
Editing/ Markus Butkereit

Video/ HD/ 7:52 min
Camera/ Markus Butkereit
Editing/ Markus butkereit

21:02 - 22:21 pm

One night I built a wall on a sidewalk in Berlin. I wanted to know how people behave if they can no longer continue their usual way.

22:21 - 22:27 pm

After I finished the wall some local residents crossed the path. Immediately the wall provoked battle royal discussions how was my expectation. Unfortunately we argued the
topic without all significant aspects because the talk wasn´t so long. In minutes this discussion about the new wall
in the middle of the path turns from a verbal discussion to destroying the wall a broken beer bottle in a hand over
throwing a brick on my head into that the employers of a bar ran out of the bar on the street and starring through
the shop window where chairs flying over my head into the bottle rack behind the bar counter.

A friend of mine reacted in the first seconds when everything starts and recorded the discussion with the persons,
the fight, the escape and all periphery noises and hide the recording advise in his pocket during this trouble period fortunately.

22:53 - 23:01 pm
26 minutes later i recorded in my studio a description what was happened.

06:48 - 07:42 pm
I went back to the place where everything happened few hours ago and picked up the stone which one of the persons wanted to throw on my head.