Markus Butkereit
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Align with dry hands

Align with dry hands

Material/ 360 spinning CCTV camera, 7 wollballs, telescope extension, hook
Measures/ 600 x 50 cm
2012/ Warszaw/ Poland

Video/ HD/ 5:33 min
Camera/ Matthias Hübner/ Brad Downey
Editing/ Markus Butkereit

In Warsaw there are many surveillance cameras in public spaces. During my one-week stay I felt uncomfortable due to the fact that I was constantly monitored. One day, I discovered a camera on a huge public square. The camera had a small wiper in front of the lens and it rotated 360 degrees around itsown axis, 24/7, to monitor the current events happening around the square. I got myself a telescopic extension, with a length of 6 meters, and fixed a coat hook with 7 balls of wool with tape on it. Then I went to the square and hooked the coat hook with the 7 balls of wool into the wiper of the camera. The camera kept on rotating and slowly unrolled the wool from the balls lying on the ground. After some time, a certain amount of wool wrapped itself into the engine of the camera, and suddenly the rotation stopped and the head of the camera tilted forward to the ground. The square was no longer monitored.