Markus Butkereit
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Material/ 3 tires, 3 escalators
Measures/ various
Thomas Wiczak & Markus Butkereit
2015/ Göteburg/ Sweden

Video/ HD/ 1:46 min
Camera/ Markus Butkereit

We found three different car tires and we roll them down on a long escalator in a underground stop. The car tires developed an incredible speed and in seconds they arrived on the platform. Once at the bottom, they are rolled to the wall which they were stopped by. When they rolled against the wall the whole wall strongly wobbled. The first tire which we rolled down the escalator he damaged even slightly the tiles on the wall and then rolled back to the escalator. After a few laps at the end of the escalator the car tires fell over on the escalator and went independent again upwards.

Thanks to Susanne Klenk