Markus Butkereit
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Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Material/ Duck Tape, Silicone, 5 l Pigment
Measures/ various
2015/ Schöppingen/ Germany

Foto 1/ 21.08.2015
Foto 2/ 25.08.2015
Foto 3/ 02.09.2015
Foto 4/ 27.03.2016
Foto 5/ 16.09.2016

For this piece i blocked the rain water downpipes with a kork and filled 5 liters of red pigment in the water gutter. Then i waited for the rain. After the first rain nothing happened. The water gutter was not enough filled with water. By the second rain the water was mixed with the pigment and runs over the water gutter and flowed over the facade subtle. Now i waiting for the next rain.

Thanks to/ Dr.Josef Spiegel, Uta Rosenbaum, Dr.Sigrun Brunswiek