Markus Butkereit
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Poste e telecomunicazioni


Poste e telecomunicazioni

Material/ billrolls, tape
Measures/ 15 x 50 m
Markus Butkereit/ BR1 & Fra.Biancoshock
2013/ Torino/ Italy

Video/ HD/ 8:13 min
Camera/ BR1
Editing/ Markus Butkereit

This work I've realized with Bruno and Fra Biancoshock in Turin. The building was formerly used by the Italian post. The post in Turin went bankrupt and had to abandon the building. On the way to the top floor I found old cash register receipt rolls of the former post office. Bruno, Fra Biancoshok and I glued the rolls along the spiral staircase and gradually threw them down one after the other. I think the spiral staircase with the receipt roll papers playing in the wind looked like a woman with fluttering hair.