Markus Butkereit
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Disparität - Experiment No.27b

Disparität 01 - Experiment No.27b

Material/ mixed media
Measures/ 700 x 500 x 350 cm
2017/ Berlin/ Germany

Set-Up and Execution/
Three sinks are mounted on the wall of a white-tiled bathroom. Above each sink hangs a mirror. Two converted soda vending machines stand on a 2.5 m high steel scaffolding 3 m in front of the sink. The vending machine contains white, black and silver spray paint cans. The temperature in the soda vending machine is minus one degree Celsius. Several pipes are mounted beneath the dispensary area of the vending machine, connecting to the sinks. A ladder is deployed in front of each vending machine. Hot water is running from the faucets of the three sinks. Climbing up the ladder, one inserts a coin into the slot and selects a number for a spray can.
The selected spray can falls into the dispensary area, enters the pipe, then slides down to fall into the sink. The hot water flows over the frozen spray can. The temperature difference between the frozen spray can and the hot water is so great that the can bursts after an indefinite period of time. Probably the spray can flies through the room and the paint splashes onto the walls and the floor.