Markus Butkereit
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Die Schaukel - Experiment No.13b

Die Schaukel/ Experiment No.13

Material/ mixed media
Measures/ 400 x 250 x 400 cm
2017/ Berlin/ Germany

Set-Up and Execution/
Two children's swings are set up in a room obliquely facing each other. A compressed air cylinder is placed on each seat, lashed with a truck safety strap and filled with 300 bars of compressed air. Pressure gauges are screwed onto the compressed air cylinders, which rest on a 60 cm high square piece of timber standing next to the seat. Four candles are placed around the swings. A hemp cord, fastened to the ground with a hook, is set up in front of each candle. The cord is guided 40 cm above the candles to a hook on the ceiling, and then down to one meter above the manometers. Hanging from the end of each hemp cord is an anvil, which is aligned exactly above the manometer. The candles are ignited simultaneously.
After an indefinite period of time, a hemp cord is burned through and an anvil falls onto a manometer. The manometer breaks off and the contents of the bottle escape suddenly. The seats whirl wildly through the air twisting around the tube on which the seats are fastened. Maybe a seat breaks off.