Markus Butkereit
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Der Schwarze Schlitz - Experiment No.15b

Der Schwarze Schlitz/ Experiment No.15

Material/ Tremo Multicar, 150 cm snow brush, 1000 l IBC water container, ramp
Measures/ 150 x 300 cm
2017/ Berlin/ Germany

Set-Up and Execution/
A Tremo Multicar stands in the middle of a room. A 1.5 m wide snow brush is mounted on the hydraulic extension arm of the Tremo Multicar. On the upper steel cover of the snow brush, an IBC tank filled with 1000 liters of water is placed and lashed with truck safety straps. The snow brush is switched on.
As the rear tires of the Multicar lift up the snow brush will slowly dig into the ground. This will probably create a lot of dust and dirt.