Markus Butkereit
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Die Schräge Linie/ Experiment No.50

Die Schräge Linie/ Experiment No.50

Material/ Tremo Multicar, 40 cm weed brush, ramp
Measures/ 400 x 800 x 250 cm
2017/ Berlin/ Germany

Set-Up and Execution/
A 5 m ramp is set up in a room. The ramp is placed parallel to a wall and rises to a height of 1.5 m. In front of the ramp is a Tremo Multicar. A round curb cleaning brush is mounted on the hydraulic extension arm of the Tremo Multicar. The extension arm is adjusted so that the cleaning brush rests firmly against the wall. The cleaning brush is switched on and the Tremo Multicar is driven up and down the ramp again and again.
Circular scratch marks on the wall are created after an indeterminate period of time. This will probably create a lot of dust and dirt.