Markus Butkereit
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Der Monolith/ Experiment No.06

Der Monolith/ Experiment No.06

Material/ 1 pillar, rain gutter, 8 intravenous bags, 8 fans, 2 l red pigment
Measures/ various

2016/ Berlin/ Germany

Set-up and Execution/
A pillar is installed in a room. Around the pillar, bout two-thirds of the way up,
a rain gutter is attached. On both sides, two infusion bags filled with water are
hung from the ceiling and drip into the rain gutters. On the floor, on each side
of the pillar, two fans are set up, directed towards the pillar.
The fans are turned on and the infusion bags’ roller clamps opened.
The rain gutter will overflow. The red-colored water runs down the pillar and at
the height of the eight fans the pillar becomes colored red.